Regional Corporate HQ:
 Cisco Systems

Material: porcelain stoneware

Products used: high-tech wood tiles, designer tiles

Location: lobby and all public spaces

Architect: Space Matrix

Cisco - lobby flooring Cisco - Iridium Nero  Bianco in lobby Cisco - high tech wood Reale tiles

Equinox Island Series aventurine mosaic used in the pool to achieve a fresh, tropical look in mostly shaded pool area. 20x20x4mm format supplied paper-face mounted on 3327x327mm sheets.


IT giant Cisco Systems decided on durable unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy: timber look tiles on much of the public flooring and pure white designer tiles in the lobby walkways and pantries.


‘Reale’ high-tech wood tiles have no repeats in patina and graining finish, offering a zero maintenance but beautiful wood-look flooring. Each tile is 1,1200mm in length. Widths can be 150, 200 or 300mm.


Pure tone black and white unglazed Iridium tiles at 600x600mm were selected to contrast the warm tones of the Reale.