Natural Look Tiles

Ultra Onyx is a state-of-the-art

full body porcelain slab series in

which the smallest standard format

is 600x1200mm! The other standard

formats, also in two finishes – polished

and ‘soft’ – are 1200x1200mm and

a massive 1200x2400mm. A single

rectified 2400mm slab can extend

from floor to ceiling in most

residential properties. Despite their

massive size, Ultra Onici slabs are

only 6mm thick, meaning that they

can be back-lit if desired (just as

natural onyx is sometime back-lit)

and yet they are strong enough to

be used as flooring. Installation is

easy because of the material’s

lightness. Installation teams handle

and cut the material as

if it was sheet glass.




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ultra onici - g...