Private residence:

Crowhurst Drive, Singapore



Material: Glass Mosaic.

Products: Equinox Island Series aventurine + Landscape Series + Ocean Series.

Location: Swimming pool & bathrooms

Architect: HYLA Architects

KS42-pool-S Crowhurt-Drive-bath-1-mosaic-S Mistral-Crowhurst-Drive

Equinox Island Series aventurine mosaic used in the pool to achieve a fresh, tropical look in mostly shaded pool area. 20x20x4mm format supplied paper-face mounted on 3327x327mm sheets.

Bold use of mosaics in bathrooms. Equinox Landscape Series 25x25mm mosaic in master bathroom (left). Mistral, a mosaic most often used in swimming pools, was selected for the second bathroom (right) at 35x35mm.


Use of high quality adhesive and anti-bacterial grout is crucial both for aesthetic effect and performance over time. Equinox can specify correct products for each mosaic and tile used.