Corporate HQ: Clifford Chance



Material: porcelain stoneware tiles, timber veneer, timber flooring system

Products: Iridium Bianco, Black Ardesia high honed

Location: lobby, public areas, all office doors, meeting rooms.

Design Consultant: Space Matrix

Clifford Chance 72dpi A Clifford Chance 72dpi B Clifford Chance 72dpi C

Equinox supplied a ready-made Italian timber flooring system and matched it with timber veneer on the lobby ceiling and on 65 doors and door-frames. The problem was how match the tonality and grain of the flooring system with veneer wall and door veneers from a different source. Equinox did a series of tests and worked closely with the installer to get to the correct tone. Veneer was also used on custom made acoustic panels for the meeting rooms in the regional HQ of this international legal practice.


In the lobby and public spaces are 600x600mm Italian full body tiles in pure white (Iridium Bianco) using two surface finishes – honed and polished, and a silky ‘Soft’ surface. In the entranceway, high honed Black tiles were installed on floor, walls and ceiling.