Boutique Hotel:
 Naumi Liora, Singapore



Material: encaustic cement tiles + porcelain stoneware

Products: customised cement tiles, high-tech wood tiles

Location: public walkway + roof terraces

Architect: URBNarc

Naumi Liora roof terrace tiles 1 Naumi Liora encaustic cement tile pavement Encaustic tile pavement 20x20cm tiles

Complete renovation of listed shophouse boutique hotel in Singapore involved construction of roof terraces on existing structure. Equinox supplied Italian unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles 1200x150mm.


Client selected ‘Decape’ tile, which offers R10 grip, naturalistic timber look and feel, and is impervious to weathering.


On the pavement outside the building, architect proposed colour co-ordinated jand-made encaustic cement tiles using a standard pattern but adjusting colour palette to match signature colours of this boutique hotel.