From renowned architect Patricia

Urquiola comes Dechirer, a highly

innovative collection – not only for

its patterns and textures, but also

for the cutting edge CONTINUA

production technology that enables

massive, perfectly flat slabs of

1200x1200mm (square or in an

unusual, massive hexagon) of

unglazed porcelain stoneware

suitable for application including

heavy traffic exteriors. The tiles

are monocalibre (at 12mm)

and rectified, features nine colours

in a plain finish or in the signature

Dechirer relief patterns. Dechirer

La Suite follows on in this

tradition, with new sets of

subtle patterning and finish.



dechirer - deco...
dechirer - deco...
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dechirer - hexa...
dechirer - la s...
dechirer - la s...
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